Select Method (ComboBox ListBox ListView PopupList RadioList)


  • ComboBox
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • PopupList
  • RadioList


Selects an item from the combo box, list, list box, listview, popup list, or radiolist.


list.Select (Item)
Variable Description
Item The item to select. LISTITEM.


Select selects an item by scrolling the item into view (where applicable) and clicking it with the mouse, if it is not already selected. After selecting the item, Silk Test Classic verifies that the item was selected, and raises the exception E_CONTROL_NOT_RESPONDING if it was not. For more information about specifying Item, see the documentation for the appropriate class.

If an invalid Item is passed as a parameter, Select() raises the exception E_ITEM_NOT_FOUND.

When recording Select() against a JavaJFCComboBox in an applet, dragging the mouse to the item will be more reliable than clicking on the combobox drop-down arrow and then clicking on the item.


STRING sItem = "Up"
Find.Direction.Select (sItem)