Generating a Test Plan Completion Report

To measure your QA department’s progress in implementing a large test plan, you can generate a completion report. The completion report considers a test complete if the test description is linked to a test case with two exceptions:
  • If the test case statement invokes a data-driven test case and a symbol being passed to the data-driven test case is assigned the value ? (undefined), the test is considered incomplete.
  • If the test case is manual and marked as Incomplete in the Update Manual Tests dialog box, the test is considered incomplete. A manual test case is indicated with the testcase:manual syntax.

To generate a test plan completion report:

  1. Open the test plan on which you want to report.
  2. Click Testplan > Completion Report to display the Testplan Completion Report dialog box.
  3. In the Report Scope group box, indicate whether the report is for the entire plan or only for those tests that are marked.
  4. To subtotal the report by a given attribute, select an attribute from the Subtotal by Attribute text box.
  5. Click Generate.

    The test plan editor generates the report and displays it in the lower half of the dialog box. If the test plan is structured as a master plan with associated sub-plans, the test plan editor opens any closed sub-plans before generating the report.

    You can:

    • Print the report.
    • Export the report to a comma-delimited ASCII file. You can then bring the report into a spreadsheet application that accepts comma-delimited data.