Specifying Buttons, Keys, and Menus that Close Windows

Specify statically

To specify statically the keys, menu items, and buttons that the non-Web recovery system should use to close all windows, choose Options > Agent and then click the Close tab.

The Close tab of the Agent Options dialog box contains a number of options, each of which takes a comma-delimited list of character string values.

Specify dynamically

As you set close options in the Agent Options dialog box, the informational text at the bottom of the dialog box shows the 4Test command you can use to specify the same option from within a script; add this 4Test command to a script if you need to change the option dynamically as a script is running.

Specify for individual objects

If you want to specify the keys, menu items, and buttons that the non-web recovery system should use to close an individual dialog box, define the appropriate variable in the window declaration for the dialog box:

  • lsCloseWindowButtons
  • lsCloseConfirmButtons
  • lsCloseDialogKeys
  • lsCloseWindowMenus

This is only for classes derived from the MoveableWin class: DialogBox, ChildWin, and MessageBox. Specifying window closing procedures is not necessary for web pages, so this does not apply to BrowserChild objects/classes.