Agent Options Dialog Box

Use to set global options for how the agent interacts with the application under test. Options you specify within the tabs are saved in the partner.ini file. If you work on multiple projects, you might want to have a custom set of agent options for each project. To do this, save your options in a file with a name other than partner.ini.

Click Options > Agent.

Any option you set in the Agent Options dialog box can be changed by the same option set to a different value within a script.

4Test statement which sets the selected option

When you set an option, this field displays the 4Test statement that represents the selected option. For example, if you set the Window timeout to 5 seconds on the Timing tab the following 4Test statement displays:


The statement uses the SetOption method to operate on the agent object. OPT_WINDOW_TIMEOUT is the internal 4Test name of the Window Timeout option, and 5 is the current, default value of the option, five seconds.

This code is useful if you want to set a local value for a given agent. You can type or change the code yourself, then click Copy to Clipboard to copy the statement to the clipboard.