Setting Advanced Options

Set advanced options to enable fallback support, to specify whether locator attribute names should be case sensitive, and so on.
  1. Click Options > Agent. The Agent Options dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Advanced tab. The Advanced Options page displays.
  3. To test an embedded Chrome application, specify the executable and the port as a value pair in the Enable embedded Chrome support field. For example, myApp.exe=9222. To specify multiple embedded Chrome applications, separate the value pairs with a comma.
  4. Enable Fallback support for web views on Android and iOS to enable the mobile native fallback support for hybrid mobile applications that are not testable with the default browser support.
  5. Enable Microsoft Accessibility to enable Microsoft Accessibility in addition to the normal Win32 control recognition.
  6. Enable Remove focus on capture text to remove the focus from the window before capturing a text. A text capture is performed during recording and replay by the following methods:
    • TextClick
    • TextCapture
    • TextExists
    • TextRect
  7. Enable Match locator attribute values case sensitive to set locator attribute names to be case sensitive. The names of locator attributes for mobile web applications are always case insensitive, and this option is ignored when recording or replaying mobile web applications.
  8. Click OK.