Explorer Window Declaration


Explorer is a Silk Test Classic window declaration that declares objects that are unique to the Internet Explorer browser. It excludes objects that are shared by all browsers; those objects are declared in the Browser window declaration.


Explorer is of class MainWin.

Declared Objects

The Explorer window declaration, located in explorer.inc in the Extend directory of Silk Test Classic, includes the following objects:

  • Menus specific to Internet Explorer.
  • The sCmdLine property, which specifies how to start Internet Explorer.
  • Toolbar buttons specific to Internet Explorer.
  • StatusBar with text areas specific to Internet Explorer.
  • Implementations of the Browser window's methods that are specific to Internet Explorer, such as ClearCache, Invoke, SetRequiredOptions, and SetDefaultFont.
  • Dialog boxes specific to Internet Explorer; all the dialog box names begin with IE_.

For additional information, refer to the explorer.inc file.


The following sample code clicks the Favorites toolbar button, which is specific to Internet Explorer.

Explorer.FavoritesMenu.Click ()

Notes for Silk Test Classic Support of Internet Explorer

  • On Internet Explorer 7.1, if you make a selection from an HtmlPopupList twice in a row, Silk Test Classic does not record the first selection, but records the second selection twice.
  • On Internet Explorer 7.x, when recording a new frame file using Set Recovery System, by default Silk Test Classic does not explicitly state that the parent of the window is a browser. To resolve this issue, add the parent Browser line to the frame file.
  • JavaJFCRadioButton.HasFocus() does not work properly on Internet Explorer 7.
  • DoubleSelect() does not work properly with Internet Explorer 7.
  • If you notice a performance decrease with the browser when Silk Test Classic is not running, click Tools > Manage AddOns in Internet Explorer. Choose QAPHlprObjClass from the Enabled list and click the Disabled option button in the Settings group box. Click OK to save the change.