Invoking a Test Case in a Multi-Application Environment

The keyword for a test case declaration is different when you are performing distributed testing. In the single-application environment, you invoke a test case with no arguments or you may specify an application state function. However, in a multi-application environment, instead of preceding the test case function declaration with the keyword testcase, you must use the keyword multitestcase to give your test case the multi-application recovery system.

Declaring a function as a multitestcase gives that function the ability to invoke functions declared with the keyword testcase. A multitestcase thus can be viewed as a wrapper for stand-alone test cases; it provides a means of assigning tests to particular machines and lets you invoke previously written test cases from the multi-test case file by simply adding a use statement to the file to include the test case definitions.

When you are using multi-application environment support, you can pass the test case the names of the machines to be tested during that execution of the test case, but not the application state function. In a multi-application environment, one test case can use multiple application states; you specify these in the required code at the beginning of the test case.