Test Case Structure in a Multi-Application Environment

This topic describes Silk Test Classic components that enable concurrent testing of more than one application. For example, there are functions that make it possible to drive both the client application and the client’s server from Silk Test Classic, to set each to its base state, and to recover each if it fails. Compare with the test case structure of a single-application environment.

The multi-application environment uses the same defaults.inc file as does the single-application environment. However, when you define a function as a multitestcase, 4Test uses functions defined in the cs.inc file to invoke functions in defaults.inc. Thus, it can pass the appropriate application states or base states to these functions, depending on the requirements of a particular test machine.

Instead of preceding the test case function declaration with the keyword testcase, you must use the keyword multitestcase to give your test case the multi-application recovery system.

cs.inc is an automatically included file that contains functions used only in the multi-application environment. For additional information about this file and the functions that it contains, see cs.inc. You may need to include other files also.