Test Case Structure in a Single-Application Environment

The code that implements a test case for a single application is similar to that of a test case for applications on multiple separate machines in a client/server environment.

This topic summarizes the structure of the single-application version and some Silk Test Classic components used to implement it. You can compare the structure with the support code needed for running multiple applications.

The include file defaults.inc implements the recovery system for a single application test. For information about the DefaulBaseState function and the functions that are contained within defaults.inc, see defaults.inc.

Your test case needs certain definitions that other test cases in your testing program will also need. These include:
  • Window declarations
  • Application states
  • Utility functions

Placing these general purpose definitions in an include file, or several smaller files, saves repetitive coding. When you use Silk Test Classic to record window declarations and application states, Silk Test Classic names the generated file frame.inc.