Storing results

Silk Test Classic allows you to extract the information you want in an unstructured ASCII text format and send it to a printer, store it in a file, or look at it in an editor window.

To store results in an unstructured ASCII format

  1. Click Results > Extract.
  2. In the Extract To group box on the Extract Results dialog, select the radio button for the destination of the extracted output: Window (default), File, or Printer.
  3. In the Include group box, check one or more check boxes indicating which optional text, if any, to extract. (This optional text is in addition to the output selected in the Expand group box.) The choices are:
  4. Select a radio button in the Expand group box indicating which units to extract information about. Select Scripts, Scripts and Testcases (default), or Anything with Errors.
  5. Select one or more results sets from the Results to Extract group box.
  6. Click OK.