You can specify wildcards wherever you provide strings that Silk Test Classic will search for:

  • The * character matches zero or more characters.
  • The ? character matches exactly one character.

For example, "David H?ll" matches "David Hill" and "David Hall", but not "David Hiller". "David H*" matches " David Hill", " David Hall", " David Hiller", and " David Hayes".

Examples of Where You Can Use Wildcards

Some of the situations where you can specify wildcards include:

  • Tags.
  • Search text in the FindCell method.
  • Identifier for items in combo boxes, list boxes, radio lists, and so on.
  • In the entries in the [ClassList] section of javaex.ini. Wildcards are useful for exposing (or ignoring) all classes in a package.
  • When ignoring or exposing Java classes in a package.