Setting the Maximum Number of Asset Versions

To limit the storage requirements of assets, including test results, you can specify a maximum number of versions of an asset to keep.
  1. In the menu, select Tools > Options. The Options dialog box opens.
  2. In the Options tree, expand Global.
  3. Select Asset Management.
  4. In the Asset Management page, type the number of versions that you want to keep into the Maximum asset versions text box. The default setting is 0, which means all versions of the asset are saved.
  5. Click OK.
If the maximum number of versions is set and reached, and you save a new version of the asset, the oldest saved version of the asset is deleted. When importing an asset, all versions are imported, even if the number of versions exceeds the maximum version number. When saving a new version of such an imported asset, the oldest versions of the asset are deleted to match the specified maximum number of assets.
Note: When limiting the number of asset versions, old test results are automatically purged.