Global Options

Use Global options to set properties for all projects.

Global options include the following:

Asset Management
Default save behavior
Set the default save behavior to either create a new version of an asset or replace the current version of the asset each time an asset is saved from a toolbar button, asset dialog box, or shortcut key combination (Ctrl+S).
Maximum asset versions
The maximum number of versions of an asset to keep. Specifying 0 will keep all versions. If the maximum number of versions is reached, and you save a new version of the asset, the oldest version is deleted. When importing an asset, all versions are imported, even if the number of versions exceeds the maximum version number. When saving a new version of such an imported asset, the oldest versions of the asset are deleted to match the specified maximum number of assets.
Minimum User Access for Purge
Specifies the minimum access level in a project a user needs in order to purge assets in that project. The default value is Script Writer. The other available value is Full Access. This option can only be changed by Silk Test Workbench users with administrator rights. If there are no projects in the database where the current user has at least the access level specified by the setting, the File > Purge Asset Versions… item in the Silk Test Workbench menu is disabled. Otherwise, the Projects tree in the Purge Asset Versions dialog shows the projects in which the user can purge assets.
Restore Selected Projects in Purge Asset Versions
When set to Yes, this option persists the projects that are selected in the Purge Asset Versions dialog box. When set to No, no projects are selected when the dialog box opens.