Uploading a Keyword Library to Silk Central

To work with Silk Central, ensure that you have configured a valid Silk Central location. For additional information, see Integrating Silk Test Workbench with Silk Central.

To automate manual tests in Silk Central, upload keywords that you have implemented in a Silk Test Workbench project as a keyword library to Silk Central, where you can then use the keywords to automate manual tests.
  1. In the menu, select Tools > Upload Keyword Library. All projects in the current Silk Test Workbench database are listed.
  2. Select the project that includes the keywords which you want to upload to Silk Central.
    Note: Ensure that a keyword library with the same name as the project exists in Silk Central.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Optional: Provide a description of the changes to the keyword library.
  5. Optional: Click Configure to configure the connection to Silk Central.
  6. Optional: To see which libraries are available in the connected Silk Central instance, click on the link.
  7. Click Upload.
    If the keyword library in Silk Central is already assigned to a different automation tool or another Silk Test client, you are asked if you really want to change the type of the keyword library. Upload the library only if you are sure that you want to change the type.
Silk Test Workbench creates a keyword library out of all the keywords that are implemented in the project. Then Silk Test Workbench saves the keyword library with the name library.zip into the output folder of the project. The library is validated for consistency, and any changes which might break existing tests in Silk Central are listed in the Upload Keyword Library to Silk Central dialog box. Finally, Silk Test Workbench uploads the library to Silk Central. You can now use the keywords in Silk Central. Any keyword-driven tests in Silk Central, which use the keywords that are included in the keyword library, automatically use the current implementation of the keywords.

If the current Silk Test Workbench database is an Access database, the uploaded keywords are only available for execution on a machine that has access to that Access database. The keyword library that is uploaded to Silk Central does not include the implementation of the keyword, but just information about which keywords are available in this Silk Test Workbench database.