Creating Automation Test Steps Without Recording

Automation test steps are steps that perform actions against controls in a test application in order to test the application. For example, steps that select an item, enter text, or click a control in a test application are automation steps.

Automation steps are usually recorded. When you interact with controls in a test application while recording a visual test, Silk Test Workbench typically records each interaction (such as a click) as a separate step.

You can, however, create automation test steps and insert them into a visual test without recording. Creating automation steps without recording lets you accommodate slight changes in a test plan without having to re-record an entire test. To create an automation test step, you can use the Identify Object dialog box and interact with the test application or a captured screen image in the Screen Preview. Using the Identify Object dialog box lets you see how Silk Test Workbench recognizes the various controls in the test application, which can provide insight into how to optimize the testing of the application.