Creating a Control Automation Step Using the Screen Preview

Before you create a control automation step using the screen preview, ensure that the option Control capture is set to Yes.

When working with a test application, you can create individual steps that perform test actions. Creating individual steps means you do not have to re-record the visual test. Create additional actions against test application screens that have been captured in the Screen Preview as needed.

You can also create additional actions against controls using the test application.

  1. Open the visual test that contains the captured screen from which you want to identify a control.
  2. Select a step that displays the test application screen or control in the Screen Preview. To do this, click the step in the Test Steps pane or click a thumbnail in the Storyboard.

    To better see individual controls in the Screen Preview, choose Actions > Zoom in the Screen Preview and choose a zoom percentage.

  3. Display the desired control in the Screen Preview and choose Actions > Insert Control From > Screen Preview.
  4. Identify the control in the Screen Preview. The Select Action dialog box opens.
  5. Determine the action to use on the control. The automation step appears below the selected step. Properties for the step appear in the Properties pane. The selected action appears as the Method property in the Action category. You can edit properties for the step to further control how the action executes.
  6. Click OK.