Setting Record Output Options

Modify Record Output options to specify whether controls are captured and properties are recorded, how screens are captured, and whether individual screens are captured during recording.

  1. Click Tools > Options.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to Record in the Options menu tree.
    The Record options display in the right side panel.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to Output. The Visual test subcategory displays.
  4. Click Visual test.
  5. Modify options in the options panel by selecting the name of the option in the first column and selecting or entering a new value in the second column. When you select an option, the panel below displays a brief explanation of it. You can set the following output options:
    Screen capture

    Determines how Silk Test Workbench captures test application screens during recording.

    Set to Application to capture the test application and any windows within the test application.

    Set to Active Window to capture only the test application's active window during recording.

    Set to Desktop to capture screens of all applications, including the test application, that are visible in the desktop during recording.

    Set to None to capture no screens during recording.

    Screen capture (test steps)

    Set to Yes to capture individual screens that display in Screen Preview. This enables you to view the actions that occur on individual screens in Screen Preview in conjunction with individual test steps in the Test Steps pane. Additionally, you can compare the screens that are recorded during playback against the screens captured when the visual test was first recorded if test step screens are captured during playback also.

    Set to No to capture no individual test steps during recording. If the Screen capture setting is set to anything other than None, a screen is captured for the main context of the group of actions that occur on a dialog box or Web page. As a result, each individual test step is associated with a group screen in Screen Preview.

    Control capture

    Set to Yes to capture controls and their properties during recording. The controls can then be selected using Screen Preview without requiring access to the test application. To improve playback performance, set this option to No.

    When recording Web applications the following attributes are stored with the captured controls:
    • id
    • class
    • name
    • value
    • href
    • innerText
    To add additional attributes, use the Custom attributes field under Tools > Options > Record > xBrowser.
    Note: Attribute text values are truncated to the length specified in the Maximum attribute value length field under Tools > Options > Record > xBrowser.
    Browser control capture
    Defines whether controls and their properties are captured when recording against web browsers. The default value is No. Set to Yes to work with controls and their properties in Screen Preview without requiring access to the web browser. Silk Test Workbench ignores this option if the Control capture option is set to No.
    Warning: If you set this option to Yes, playing back your tests might take longer. For improved playback performance, leave this option on No.
    Tip: Use these options in conjunction with the Playback Results: Visual test options to compare playback results to the screens that were captured when the visual test was first recorded.
  6. Optional: Click Save As to save your settings for the Playback options as a group.
  7. Click OK.