Inserting Test Logic Using the Logic Toolbox

You can use the Logic Toolbox to insert test logic into your visual test.

  1. Open a visual test. By default, the Logic Toolbox tab appears to the right of the Test Steps pane. If this tab does not appear by default, choose View > Logic Toolbox.
  2. Click the Logic Toolbox tab to open the Logic Toolbox.
    Tip: To resize the Logic Toolbox, move your pointer to the edge and drag the toolbox to the desired width.
  3. Click a logic category to display the different logic types in each category that you can insert into your visual test. To view a description of a logic type, click the desired logic type. The description appears at the bottom of the Logic Toolbox.
  4. Double-click a logic type to automatically open the appropriate page of the Test Logic Designer wizard. Or, you can drag and drop the logic type to the appropriate position in the Test Steps pane.
  5. Use the Test Logic Designer wizard to create and insert test logic into your visual test.