Logic Toolbox

The Logic Toolbox is a navigational aide that allows you to quickly insert test logic into your visual test. From the Logic Toolbox, you can learn about the various types of test logic, and then select the desired test logic to insert into a visual test. In most cases, after selecting a type of test logic from the Logic Toolbox, Silk Test Workbench opens to the appropriate page of the Test Logic Designer wizard from which you can create and insert the test logic. When you use Wait for objects to appear or disappear during playback of the visual test, specify the object properties in the Properties pane rather than using the wizard.

The Logic Toolbox organizes common types of test logic into the following categories:

In each category of the Logic Toolbox, you can read a description of each logic type, and then double-click the logic type to quickly insert it into your visual test. For more information, see Inserting Test Logic Using the Logic Toolbox.