Benefits of Using Silk Test Workbench

Silk Test Workbench helps to plan, develop, and execute test procedures and identify faults on application software, Web applications, and mobile applications. With Silk Test Workbench, a user can record sessions with applications, add validation functions to ensure that actual results match anticipated results, and replay the sessions at any time to ensure an application works as expected.

Silk Test Workbench provides a range of benefits for development organizations:

Shorter development and testing cycles

Because Silk Test Workbench can playback tests unattended at night or on weekends when computer time is easier to schedule, it can accelerate development and testing schedules, helping applications reach the market faster.


Because automated tests run the same way each time, Silk Test produces consistent, reproducible results.

Increased productivity

Because Silk Test Workbench can playback tests without manual intervention, programmers and testing staff are freed for other tasks.

Rapid test development

Create useful tests quickly and easily by recording user actions while navigating through and testing an application. Set up templates to provide a standard framework for tests. Automated tests run in a fraction of the time that it takes to manually test.

Understand test results

The details of test script and visual test playback are recorded in a result, which can be reviewed at any time.