Introduction to Silk Test Workbench

Silk Test Workbench is an automated testing tool that accelerates the functional testing of complex applications developed with Microsoft, Java, Web, and many other distributed technologies. With Silk Test Workbench, you can record user sessions with your applications to create tests, enhance the test by adding verifications and test logic, and play back tests to ensure that the applications work as expected.

Silk Test Workbench offers two options for developing test automation. You can use:
  • Visual tests
  • VB-based .NET scripts

Silk Test Workbench reliably records user actions to quickly produce powerful functional visual tests. Each recorded visual test displays as a series of actions in clear, concise steps that can be easily understood by all testers, from novice to expert. Testers have broad control over how Silk Test Workbench records all user actions, such as processing orders or entering customer information. Testers can edit tests at any time during or after recording to meet the most difficult demands of any test project.

Silk Test Workbench provides support for testing applications developed in a wide variety of development tools. You can add test logic, real data, verifications, and error handling to any test for even greater flexibility and reliability.

Silk Test Workbench increases team productivity with project collaboration features to support efficient communication of test status between testing, development, Quality Assurance, and other project stakeholders. Ad-hoc query and detailed reporting allow teams to interpret test run results to help make informed test project decisions.