Silk Test Workbench UI

Silk Test Workbench's desktop is the starting point for all test activities. With the exception of the menu bar, you can control the display and appearance of the windows, panes, and other features on the desktop.

The main parts of the Silk Test Workbench UI are the following:
Menu Bar
Contains all menus that are available for Silk Test Workbench. For additional information about the available menus and menu commands, see Menus.
The toolbars provide one-click access to commonly used actions. For additional information about the available actions in the toolbars, see Toolbars.
Start Screen
The Start Screen is your launching point into the functionality of Silk Test Workbench, enabling you to quickly begin creating test solutions for all your applications. For additional information, see Start Screen.
Asset Browser
Use the Asset Browser to manage test assets. The Asset Browser provides a single point for creating, managing, and viewing assets for each asset type in the database. For additional information, see Asset Browser.
Visual Navigator
The Visual Navigator graphically represents the elements of a visual test and allows you to interact with each element through a point-and-click interface. The Visual Navigator is only visible when you create or open a visual test. For additional information, see Visual Navigator.
Code Window
Use the Code window to record, design, and modify scripts. The Code Window is only visible when you create or open a VB .NET script. For additional information, see Code Window.