Setting a Playback Delay for a Visual Test

You can insert a delay step anywhere in a visual test to delay the visual test playback. You control the amount of time for the delay. You can insert any number of delays into a visual test. Use delays for coordinating synchronization between the visual test playback and the test application.

  1. Open the visual test in which you set a playback delay.
  2. Select the step that precedes where you want the delay step to execute.
  3. Choose Insert > Synchronization and Timing > Delay. Silk Test Workbench inserts a Delay for 1 second(s) step below the selected step.
  4. To change the delay increment and the time amount, select the newly created Delay for 1 second(s) step to display its properties in the Properties pane.
    1. From the Delay type list, select Seconds or Milliseconds for the delay interval.
    2. In the Delay amount text box, specify the amount of time for the delay. Type a literal value or click Select to assign a variable, expression result, or ActiveData value.
  5. Click Save.