Managing Test Flow

Typically during visual test playback, Silk Test Workbench executes steps in sequential order. However, in some situations executing steps in a non-sequential order may be useful. For example, a series of steps may need to be executed at several different points in a visual test before the visual test completes. Rather than repeating the series of steps in several different places in the test, each point can navigate to the series of steps placed at the end of the test.

Navigating to a specific step is also a useful means of exiting repetition logic that repeats when a certain condition within the repetition is met.

Use labels in visual tests to "bookmark" specific areas of a visual test to aid in test navigation. You can create test steps to go to any label defined in a visual test. Since labels are simple marker steps in a visual test, they can also provide a way to describe a subsequent series of steps that is viewable from the Test Steps pane.