Creating a Label Test Step for Visual Test Navigation

Label test steps do not execute a test action. Use label test steps for program flow management as the target for "go to" steps, and to describe a subsequent series of steps.

  1. Open the visual test in which you want to insert the label.
  2. Select the step that precedes where you want the label step.
  3. In the Test Steps pane, click Actions > Insert > Label. The label step is created after the selected step. The Properties window for the step displays the Label property for the label step.
  4. Click the value area of the Label property for the label step and type descriptive text for the label.

    Use the descriptive text to describe the label step's use. If using the label as the destination of a "go to" step, consider descriptive text that explains why program flow branches to this step. If using the label to describe a subsequent series of steps, use the text to describe the purpose of the subsequent series of steps.

    You can change the Label property value. However, any steps that reference the Label step, such as logic or "go to" steps must be manually updated to reference the Label step by its new value.

  5. Click Save to save the label step and its Label property value. The updated step and its descriptive text appear in the visual test.
  6. If you use the Label step for navigation, create "go to" steps as needed that navigate to the label step.