Creating a Message Box in a Visual Test

Visual tests can display messages to a tester during playback. For example, use message boxes to manually verify test outputs, view information about controls, or communicate any other information during testing.

To create a message box, insert a message box step into a visual test. During playback, the message box displays with the message content you specified when creating the step.

  1. Open the visual test in which you want to insert the message.
  2. Select the step that precedes where you want the message box to display.
  3. Choose Insert > Message Box. Silk Test Workbench inserts a Message box step below the selected step.
  4. In the Properties pane for the Message box step, click the icon to group properties by category or to sort alphabetically.
  5. Edit the General category properties in the Properties pane to specify the message box title and text.
  6. Edit the Advanced category properties in the Properties pane to specify display elements (such as buttons and icons) of the message box.