Configuring a Silk Test Workbench Database

To store any assets and settings, Silk Test Workbench requires a database. The default Silk Test Workbench installation, includes a Microsoft Access database designed for single user operation. For professional enterprise operation, Silk Test Workbench supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. To use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases with Silk Test Workbench, create and configure the database on a central server machine and, on each client machine, create a data source name (DSN) that targets the central database. Micro Focus recommends using Microsoft SQL Server for long term automation projects with multiple users contributing to the same project.

For information about the supported databases, refer to the Release Notes.

Note: If a database is updated when a new version of Silk Test Workbench is installed, all Silk Test Workbench users that use this database need to update to the new version of Silk Test Workbench.
Note: Silk Test cannot use 64-bit DSNs. You can review the default DSNs and ODBC drivers for 64-bit machines using the WOW64 tools, which are located at C:\Windows\SysWow64.