Configuring an SQL Server Database

Important: We recommend that a database administrator or person with general knowledge of database administration performs the database setup and configuration.

Silk Test Workbench stores and accesses test assets stored in a database configured for use with Silk Test Workbench. This section describes how to configure the following SQL Server databases to use as a Silk Test Workbench database.

For information about new features, supported platforms, and tested versions, refer to the Release Notes.

SQL Server Requirements

A SQL Server database configured for use with Silk Test Workbench has the following requirements:

  • Each computer running Silk Test Workbench must be able to access the computer where the SQL Server database resides and have a new data source configured.
  • Silk Test Workbench must be installed on all computers accessing the database.
  • The Silk Test Workbench database connection file must be configured to point to the SQL Server database.
  • The user that is used to connect to the SQL Server database must have the VIEW_SERVER_STATE permission on the database.
Note: Silk Test cannot use 64-bit DSNs. You can review the default DSNs and ODBC drivers for 64-bit machines using the WOW64 tools, which are located at C:\Windows\SysWow64.

For additional information about maintaining a Silk Test Workbench database, refer to the Silk Test Workbench Help.