Preparing the SQL Server Silk Test Workbench Database

Note: SQL Server Authentication Mode must be set to: SQL Server and Windows (Mixed Mode) to allow connection to the SQL Server database through the Database Maintenance utility. This setting can be changed after any database maintenance tasks are performed.
Note: You can only perform the tasks described in this topic if the SQL Server database is empty.

You must prepare your new SQL Server database for use with Silk Test Workbench. This section describes how to use the Database Maintenance utility to populate the database with Silk Test Workbench tables.

  1. Click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > Programs > Silk > Silk Test > Administration > Database Maintenance or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk > Database Maintenance. The Database Maintenance utility starts.
  2. Click File > New Database > SQL Server. The SQL Server Data Source Connection dialog box opens.
  3. Type the name of the new SQL Server data source or click Browse and select a data source name from the Select ODBC Data Source dialog box.
  4. In the appropriate text boxes, type the name of the database owner, which is the user with the role db_owner, and the SQL Server user ID and password, and then click Create.
    Note: Only one schema can be associated with a DSN name (ODBC connection). If the chosen DSN name is already associated with a schema, click Replace to change the association of the DSN name from its current schema to the new schema (users will no longer be able to access Silk Test Workbench tables in the old schema), or click Alias to create an alias for the DSN name.

You are now ready to start Silk Test Workbench and log on.