Setting Up Users in SQL Server

The following procedure should be performed on the database server computer for each user who needs to connect to the SQL server database.

  1. In the Object Explorer of SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to the Security folder and expand it. Right-click the Logins folder and choose New Login. The Login - New dialog box opens.
  2. Select the General page, and then enter a name for the database in the Login name text box.
  3. Select either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.
  4. Select the default database from the Default database list.
  5. Select the User Mapping page.
  6. In the Map column, check the check box for the database that your login can access. By default, the login name appears in the User column. Leave this value.
  7. In the Default Schema column, enter the default schema. For use with Silk Test Workbench, the default schema must match the schema of the previously created user with system admin rights.
  8. In the Database role membership for list, leave the default option public selected.
  9. Check the db_datareader and db_datawriter check boxes.
  10. Click OK.
Important: To use SQL Server Express with multiple users, each SQL Server Express installation must be enabled for remote connectivity. To enable SQL Server Express for remote connectivity, refer to the Microsoft support article How to enable remote connections on SQL Server .