ActiveData Properties

The ActiveData property category includes the following properties:

Save Option
Specifies whether to save updated ActiveData back to a specified ActiveData file immediately or not at all during playback.

Select one of the following values from the list:

  • Save data to ActiveData file now – Any updated data from any specified ActiveData asset associated with the visual test is saved back to its respective ActiveData file when this step executes. ActiveData used in a visual test is typically updated through an expression. The asset containing the ActiveData file to which data will be saved is specified in the ActiveData to Save property.
    Note: Any ActiveData updated during the visual test playback is also saved to the respective ActiveData file when visual test playback completes, unless the visual test contains a step to cancel the save operation.
  • Do not save data to ActiveData file – No updated ActiveData is save back to the ActiveData file for the ActiveData asset specified in the ActiveData to Save property.
Specifies an ActiveData asset containing the file whose updated data is either not saved at all during playback, or saved when this step executes, depending on the value selected for the Save Option property. For more information, see Associating an ActiveData Assert With a Visual Test.
Select the appropriate ActiveData asset from the list. The list contains ActiveData Assets that have been associated with the visual test.