Preventing Automatic Saves for ActiveData Updates in a Visual Test

Any ActiveData that is updated in an expression during visual test playback is automatically saved back to the ActiveData file when playback successfully completes. However, you can create a step to cancel the automatic saving of updated ActiveData.

Note: The step only prevents updated ActiveData from being saved up to the point this step executes. If any ActiveData is updated after this step executes, it is saved back to the ActiveData file unless the automatic save is cancelled after the updates are made.
  1. In the visual test, create expressions that update data in an ActiveData file and store the updates back to the original cells.
  2. Select the last Expression: step in the visual test that updates data that you want to prevent from being automatically saved.
  3. Choose Insert > ActiveData > Cancel Save. Silk Test Workbench inserts a Do not save values to ActiveData file step below the selected step.
  4. Select the Do not save values to ActiveData file step that you just created. Properties for the step appear in the Properties pane.
  5. Set the ActiveData category properties for the step to specify the ActiveData asset containing the data file whose updated values are not to be immediately saved.