Updating ActiveData File Data in a Visual Test

You can update data in any ActiveData file associated with a visual test in the visual test. Use expressions to update the ActiveData in a visual test. The Expression Designer lets you use data from an ActiveData file column as input, and create an expression that changes the value of the data. The updated data can then be saved back to the same column in the same ActiveData file.

When used in repetition logic for ActiveData testing, data for each row in a column of an ActiveData file can be updated through an expression, then stored to the original row in the column. To do this, you use the column in the expression, update the data in the expression (which updates data in each row of the column) then put the contents of the expression back into the same column of the ActiveData file. You can also store the expression contents to another column in any other associated visual test, or store the updated data in a local variable, where it can be used in test logic, results comments, passed to a global variable, or passed to other visual tests or scripts.

ActiveData that is updated in a visual test using expressions is automatically saved when the visual test plays back to completion. However, you can modify the visual test to save updated data immediately or at any point during playback, or prevent the automatic save.