Using ActiveData in Visual Tests

To use ActiveData in a visual test, any data files to be used must be created. Each data file to be used must be associated with an ActiveData asset.

Test data is stored in and retrieved from outside the Silk Test Workbench database, using external files. Test data can reside in Excel Spreadsheet files (.xls and .xlsx), text files (.txt), or comma separated value (.csv) files. Storing test data in external files lets you reuse test data in more than one ActiveData asset and in any visual test or script.
Note: If Microsoft Excel® is not installed, all .xls files are in read-only mode. To use a .xlsx file with Silk Test Workbench, install Microsoft Excel® 2007 or later. If Microsoft Excel® 2007 or later is not installed, you can install 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components to use .xlsx files in read-only mode.
Note: If an error occurs while opening an ActiveData file, use error handling to continue the test execution.

Visual tests must specify which ActiveData assets are available for use in the visual test. Properties for each step in a visual test that are to use ActiveData must be modified to point to the correct data. This is known as mapping.