Sample Visual Test: Using ActiveData - Part 1 Scenario

Test Scenario

The tester wants to use customer first and last name data stored in a spreadsheet to enter multiple name records in a Windows test application. The data exists in the spreadsheet called Names1.xls at the time of testing.

To do this, the tester does the following:

  • Records accessing the ListView control in the Windows test application and creates a First Name and Last Name column in the control, then enters one first name/last name pair.

  • Creates an ActiveData asset to be associated with the visual test. When creating the ActiveData asset, the tester selects the Names1.xls data file that contains the data to be used.

  • Associates that ActiveData file with the visual test.

  • Creates Repetition logic to repeat recorded steps that enter the first name and last name into ListView control of the test application.

  • Modifies the properties of steps that enter the first name and last name to use data in the ActiveData file.