Advanced ActiveData Options

Modify the Advanced ActiveData options to control aspects of how Silk Test Workbench writes data to text-based (.csv or .txt) ActiveData files when editing the files using the ActiveData Asset Setup window.

You can set the following options for ActiveData:

Always quote fields

Select Yes to enclose the data in each cell of a new ActiveData file in quotes. This option pertains to new ActiveData files only. Setting this option to Yes has no affect on existing files.

Set this option to Yes when data to be used from an ActiveData file requires quotes.

Note: If set to Yes, data in new ActiveData files does not appear in quotes during editing. However, the quotes do appear when editing the ActiveData file using the file's native application.
Write empty trailing fields

Set to Yes if you want trailing spaces entered after characters for each data item. For example, if the required data in a field is "data ", setting this option to Yes includes the trailing spaces as part of the data, so "data" is written to the field in the ActiveData file. Selecting No only includes characters without any trailing spaces. For example, if set to No, "data " written into a field would be saved in the ActiveData file as "data".

Set this option to Yes if data to be used in an ActiveData test requires the trailing spaces to correctly test the application.