Tools Menu

The Tools menu contains the following commands:

Command Description
Change Database Displays the Logon dialog box to log onto another database.
Change Password Displays the Change Password dialog box to change the logon password for the current user.
Identify Object (Ctrl+Shift+I) Opens the Identify Object dialog box where you can record a locator for a selected object.
Administration Manages users and access to projects.
Options Displays configuration settings and lets you customize those settings.
Upload Keyword Library Uploads a keyword library to Silk Central. Enabled only when Silk Test Workbench is integrated with Silk Central. For additional information, see Uploading a Keyword Library to Silk Central.
Manage Custom Controls Displays the Manage Custom Controls dialog box.
Edit Application Configurations Displays the Edit Application Configurations dialog box, which enables you to specify the application that is tested by keyword-driven tests in a specific project and to configure how this application is started. For additional information, see Modifying an Application Configuration.
Edit Remote Locations Displays the Remote Locations dialog box which enables you to specify any remote locations on which you want to access browsers and devices. For additional information, see Editing Remote Locations.
Customize Tools Adds menu items to the Tools menu.
SAP eCATT Allows access into the commands to work with SAP eCATT. Displayed only when Silk Test Workbench is integrated with SAP eCATT. For additional information, see Working with SAP eCATT.