Limiting Database Growth

During the recording and playing back of a visual test, Silk Test Workbench captures and stores the screens and controls of the test application at each stage of the recording and playback. Due to the potential of capturing a large number of images and controls, you may experience a high growth rate of the size of your database.

To limit database growth, disable the Screen capture and Control capture recording and playback settings. For more information, see Setting Record Output Options and Setting Playback Result Visual Test Options.

Note: Capturing controls allows you to update controls from the Screen Preview and insert controls from the test application in a recorded visual test. Additionally, disabling this feature hides the highlight box in the Screen Preview that indicates the control associated with the selected step.
As an example, the size of a typical test application’s playback result when exported in XML format using the various capture settings is as follows:
  • 7.8 MB when capturing both screens and controls

  • 5.9 MB when capturing only screens

  • 382 KB with screen and control capture disabled