Playback Options

Playback options include the following:
Specify when an object is called, whether an object is highlighted during replay, whether unresponsive applications are closed, the playback mode, whether to show script automation calls in the Output window, and the amount of time to wait for applications to become active.
Specify the number of milliseconds to wait for an application to become ready, the number of milliseconds to wait before taking a screen shot of the window, the time that may elapse between capturing two enumerations, the delay between keyboard strokes during replay, the delay before each mouse event in a script, the time to wait for an object to be resolved during replay, and the time for canceling pending playback actions.
Set the default result name, result numbering formula, pass criteria percentage, whether to save all information, and whether to capture controls and screens in visual tests during playback.
Hot Keys
Set the default save behavior to either create a new version of an asset or replace the current version of the asset each time an asset is saved from a toolbar button, asset dialog box, or shortcut key combination (Ctrl+S).
Specify any URLs to exclude from synchronization, the synchronization mode, and timeout values for Web applications.
Specify the list of buttons, menu items, confirmation dialog boxes, and key strokes that close windows and dialog boxes.
Playback Status Dialog
Specify whether to display the Playback Status dialog box during test playback, and whether to display screenshots in the dialog box.
Open Agent Settings
Custom settings that are directly sent to the agent. Should only be set for very specific testing scenarios, when suggested by support.