The functionality provided by FS_LOCATE_FILE is the same as CBL_LOCATE_FILE except:

When a call to FS_LOCATE_FILE is directed to a custom file handler by configurable DYNREDIR, the customer file handler is called with op-code FAF8 plus fcd(3:1) and uses the value 5 to specifiy it as an FS_LOCATE_FILE call.

On Entry Fields

On entry, the following fields are set:

fcd-name-ptr Pointer to the user file
fcd-open-mode User mode
fcd-optional Path flag
fcd-name-length Length of filename

On entry, the length of the fcd-name-length field is the same as the length of the filename pointed to by the field fcd-name-ptr.

On exit, you need to set the following fields:

fcd-record-ptr Pointer to the actual file spec
fcd-access-mode Exist flag
fcd-file-status File status