Relationship: Action Has Tool

The relationships of an action descriptor to the tool descriptors form the Tool sequence of an action. A Tool sequence can consist of different tool types. An action can start, for example, with an AWM dialog to get input data from he user, call some tools to process the input data and end with an AWM dialog displaying some output data. The Tool sequence is terminated as soon as a tool returns a return code higher than the acceptable return code or when the user cancels an input dialog. See Application Options for information on how to define the maximum allowed return code.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * ToolDescriptor The tool descriptor that should be referenced via this relationship.
Affected Resource name [O] String Must contain a logical name that was returned by a tool-defined resource operation in a previously executed tool of the same action. See Tool-defined Resource Operations for more information. The tool uses the specified resource as its context.
Parameter_Override [O] Parameter_Override Relationship to an input parameter of the referenced tool descriptor. This makes adaptations to the input parameters possible for one action, so that the re-usability of tool descriptors is increased. See Parameter Override for more information.
Enabled Condition [O] Enabled_Condition Relationship to a tool enabled condition which lets you define the conditions which are checked at run time and must be true to call the tool. See Enabled/Visible Condition for details on how to define an enabled condition.