Relationship: Element List Has Column

You can define element list structure columns in the Element List has Column relationship. Any of the element's property values matching table column's properties display in the table. The modeled structure of the column definition (position, visibility) is only a user default. Columns can be individually interchanged, displayed or hidden using a Column Modeling dialog box.

As a rule, most properties referenced here are also assigned to the element, so they are also properties for the affected element types.

Properties that are only relevant in the context of the element list can also be referenced. They cannot be directly assigned to an element type, as:

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * Property References to properties. The property values are displayed in the column of the element list at run time.

You can combine several property values within one table column. Click in the Target ID value field, a ... button is displayed. Click ... to open a dialog displaying a list of all the properties that can be selected.

Label [O] String Display name and/or column title for the table column. If no label is stated, the first referenced property's label is used.
Visible [O] Boolean Indicates whether the table column is displayed. Columns can be displayed or hidden by the user.  

The default value is true.

Width [O] Integer The column width in the table view in pixels.
Delimiter [O] String Specifies the delimiter between property values in a table column if more than one property is modeled for the column.