Running and Testing the Model

When you first run and test your AWM model you should start Visual COBOL for Eclipse in debug mode. To do this:

  1. Right-click the shortcut for Visual COBOL for Eclipse.
  2. Click Properties.

    This opens the Visual COBOL for Eclipse Properties dialog box.

  3. In the Target field, at the end of the existing text, type -debug.

    The field content should look like this:

    "C:\Users\Public\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -debug

  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Visual COBOL for Eclipse.
  6. Right-click in the Application Explorer view, and then click Add System(s).

    This opens the Add System(s) dialog box.

  7. Click Custom System, and then click OK.

    This opens the New Custom AWM System dialog box.

  8. In the System Name field, type Tutorial System.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the Model Location field, click Browse and navigate to the EclipseTutorial.model.

    The Application Name field is automatically populated with text derived from the application name.

  11. Click Finish.

    This adds the Tutorial System custom system to the Application Explorer view.

  12. In the Application Explorer view, expand the Tutorial System custom system.

    Issue Tracker Custom System

  13. Right-click EclipseTutorial, and then click Load Application.

A list of project folders is displayed under the EclipseTutorial application folder. These project folders mirror the content of the workspace under the default system. If there are no projects in the default system folder then create a test project along with subfolders and files.

Right-click on a resources in the EclipseTutorial application folder, and then click new context menu item Rename resource. This opens the Eclipse Tutorial Rename dialog box.