Open Modeled Dialog


This tool opens a dialog to enable user inputs and to return tool outputs to the user.

Tool Attribute:

Attribute Type Description
Title [O] String


Specifies the title of a dialog.
Description [O] String


Specifies the description of a dialog.
Validate Action [O] Action Descriptor The validate action is used to validate dialog fields before sending the values to the next tool.
Relationship Cardinality Description
Table_Row_Selection 0..* Enables you to define a condition under which the rows of a dialog table are selected when the dialog is opened.


Input parameters generate dialog fields.

Output parameters are not used.

An input dialog sample

Every input parameter of a Dialog-Tool descriptor generates a dialog box field when executed. The appearance of a dialog box field changes depending on whether a property or a file descriptor is referenced by a parameter. This is shown in the following table:

Parameter reference Dialog field Input Dialog

(Type = String)

Combo box

Text input or selection of the last user inputs.


(Type = Boolean)

Check box

(Type = Select Value)

Combo box

Selection of modeled property values.


(Type = Date)

Combo box with Calendar button and selection of the last user inputs.

(Type = Password)

Password field.

(Type = Time)

Time selection field.

(Type = TextArea)

Multi-line text field with “remaining lines” indicator.

(Type = TextArray)

Selection list

A “Retrieve All Values” action is required for the TextArray property for populating the selection list.


(Type = Numeric)

Combo box with number validation and selection of last user inputs. If the attribute Value_min_length was set to 2 or higher, leading zeros are added on dialog box confirmation.
File Descriptor


Multi-line read-only text field with the option of opening the content in an editor when the dialog box is closed.
File Descriptor

(Structure = Table)

Table in which one row can be marked. All the properties of the marked row are output. Read-only if the UI Editable attribute is set to false.