Relationship: Open Modeled Dialog Has Table Row Selection

Table Row Selection attributes enable you to specify conditions to preselect one or several table rows when a modeled dialog containing tables is opened.

Table row selection attributes can be added as children of Open Modeled Dialog tools. The actual conditions must be added as further children of the attribute, in the same way as enabled or visible conditions are modelled. See Enabled/Visible Condition for more information.

Attribute Type Description
Target ID * File Descriptor Reference to the file descriptor to which the row selection is related. The target file descriptor has to be modeled as an input parameter of the dialog tool.
Simple Condition Enable Condition Checks a property value for a specific value using a specified operator, for example, equals, equals not, regular expression, and so forth.
Complex Condition Enable Condition Combines other conditions such as simple and/or complex using a specified operator, for example AND, OR.


The tool DOCU_TOOL_AWM_ProgramList has a file input parameter DOCU_FILE_ProgramList and a Table Row Selection specifying that all rows should be selected whose name starts with the string 'FIN'.

Row Selection Modeling