Relationship: Filter Has Action

Actions that can be carried out on the filter are defined by means of the Filter has Action relationship. By these means the corresponding element lists can be generated from a filter. More than one action can be assigned to a filter type returning different element lists. You can specify a relationship to an action descriptor to have the Default_Action attribute set to true, this enables you to generate an element list by double-clicking this filter.

If an element list for the filter already exists, this is displayed when the action is executed. In order to refresh the content of an element list the Refresh function for the Table Results view must be used.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * ActionDescriptor The reference to an action descriptor that is to be carried out by the filter action. Preferably an action descriptor that returns an element list.
Default_Action [UC] Boolean Defines whether this action should be carried out by a double-click on the filter. Only one action of a filter type can be declared as a default action.

The default value is false.

Label [O] String The display name of the action in the context menu of a selected filter.