Filter Type

A filter type describes a class of filters. It contains all the information to generate a Filter dialog, through which filters can be created. The element lists can be generated from a filter using the relationships of the FilterType to action descriptors.

At run time, filters can be created and edited via the Filter Definitions view. If element types have been defined with relationships to filter types, you can also create filters via the context menu of an element. In this case, the input fields of the Filter dialog is initialized with the property values of an element.

Attribute Type Description
ID * ID * The ID of the filter type.
Label [O] String The label of the filter in the context menu of the Filter Definitions view to define a new filter. If not used, the ID is displayed.
Relationship Cardinality Description
Has_Action 1..* Relationship to an action descriptor, via which an element list can be generated using the filter criteria.
Has_Filtercriterion 1..* Relationship to a property that is interpreted as a filter criterion.