Relationship: Filter Has Filter Criterion

The Filter has Filter Criterion relationship references properties that are interpreted as filter criteria. The filter criteria are used as input fields for the corresponding filter dialog box.

When you execute an action on the corresponding filter, the filter criteria values and/or the property values of the referenced properties can be used as input parameters.

As a rule, a filter type has at least one action that returns an element list on the basis of the filter criteria.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * Property Reference to a property that should be used as a filter criterion.
Label [O] String Display text of the input field in the Filter dialog box.
Mandatory Boolean Specifies whether the criterion is mandatory for the creation of a filter. If true, the user must specify a value in the generated input field in the Filter dialog box.

Mandatory filter criteria are marked with the symbol * besides the label of the input fields.

Note: A space value is a valid mandatory input.

The default value is true.

Category [O] String Group the filter criterion in the Filter dialog box. See Input Dialog for more information.
Generic Boolean Specifies whether wildcard characters are permitted as filter criterion value. See Application Options for more information.

The default value is false.