Import your RM/COBOL Source Code

Import one or more of your source files into the project.
Note: You may use your own source code, but for this tutorial we are going to use the sample RM/COBOL program listed in Appendix A - RM/COBOL source file.
  1. Open a plain-text editor, copy and paste the sample code in Appendix A - RM/COBOL source file into a new document.
  2. Save the file with a .cbl extension.
  3. Drag the file into Eclipse, and drop it on the project name when the cursor changes to .

    The File Operation dialog box appears.

  4. Ensure Copy Files is selected (so that a copy of the original file is created in the project, and not simply a link to the original file inserted), then click OK. A copy of the file is added to the project, and if your environment is set to build automatically, the project is compiled.