Customizing the Reserved Words List

There are words that may be in your RM/COBOL source code that are reserved in Micro Focus COBOL; their presence will cause syntax errors unless you remove them from the reserved words list.

Use the directives file, MigrateRM.dir, that is supplied with your Visual COBOL installation to remove any such words from the list. You can use this file with any RM/COBOL sources you are modernizing.

  1. In your file system, browse to $COBDIR/etc/rm.

    The directory containing MigrateRM.dir appears.

  2. Drag this file into Eclipse, and drop it on the project name when the cursor changes to .

    The File Operation dialog box appears.

  3. Ensure Copy Files is selected (so that a copy of the original file is created in the project, and not simply a link to the original file), then click OK.

    A copy of the file is added to the project.

  4. Right-click your project in the COBOL Explorer view and select Properties.

    The Properties for <project-name> dialog box appears.

  5. Select Micro Focus > Project Settings > COBOL.

    The COBOL settings appear in the right-hand pane.

  6. In the Additional Directives box, type USE(MigrateRM.dir), then click Apply.
  7. Click OK to save the project.

    The directives in the .dir file are applied to your project.

The next task is to add Adis support to the project.